Unicorn Capital Partners Limited (JSE:UCP)

Jacques Badenhorst
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Sector: Basic Materials
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1. About

Unicorn Capital Partners Limited (JSE:UCP) has been listed on the Main Board of the JSE since 1993. During 2017 Unicorn completed an aggressive restructuring exercise, which included closing, merging and recapitalizing businesses in its portfolio of investments. As a direct consequence, the company’s name was changed from Sentula Mining Limited to Unicorn to reflect the change in direction from a diversified mining and mining services group to an investment holding company. Unicorn’s current portfolio of investments includes the provision of overburden drilling and blasting, mobile crane hire and exploration drilling services as well as an operational anthracite mine.

Our strategy is to invest in businesses across the market that have good investment characteristics and yield attractive returns on capital. Investments are managed on standalone, ring-fenced, bases with Unicorn providing support to these investments through capital allocation, investment decisions and strategy.

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