York Timber Holdings Limited (JSE:YRK)

Jim Myers
Market Cap (AUD): 907.6M
Sector: Basic Materials
Last Trade (AUD): 2.7 -0.04 (-1.46%)
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1. About

York Timber Holdings Limited (JSE:YRK) is an integrated forestry company. The group owns healthy, sustainable plantations and efficient processing plants and its plantation of 60 470 hectares is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

York Timber is the largest solid wood processor producing lumber and plywood in South Africa with a wholesale distribution network designed to increase its service offerings to the market.

The group's nursery develops high-yielding tree species to allow optimal site and species matching. The trees harvested from its plantations, together with logs purchased from other growers, are processed at its sawmills and plywood plant. The group's processing facilities operate at recoveries greater than target to ensure the optimum usage of the harvested timber.

York Timbers continuously seeks improvements and opportunities in the integrated operations of primary and value-added processes. A biomass plant will substantially improve its raw material optimisation capabilities as the forest biomass and biomass residue can be used to generate electricity.

The group's finished products, both lumber and plywood, are distributed to its customers either directly from each mill or via warehouses. Its customers include truss plants, corporate and independent retailers, remanufacturers, furniture manufacturers and construction contractors.

Incorporated in 1916, York Timber Holdings Limited has been listed on the JSE since 1946.

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