Zeder Investments Limited (JSE:ZED)

Norman Celliers
Market Cap (AUD): 2.95B
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 1.9 -0.01 (-0.52%)
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1. About

Zeder Investments Limited (JSE:ZED) is a leading investment holding company in the agribusiness industry in southern Africa.

The Agribusiness Industry

Zeder invests in the “agribusiness” industry. Agribusiness is a broad descriptive term referring to a range of activities and processes involved in modern food and raw material production. It encompasses all the procedural and practical services and products associated with the word “agriculture”: farming of every sort, machinery, distribution, processing, marketing, financing and so on. The success of this industry is key to the future of the global population which continues to grow and urbanise. Through its strategic core investments, Zeder is geared to play a significant part.

Investment Approach

Zeder’s portfolio of investments has gone through a process of refinement in the past years as the group moved from several smaller investments to fewer, larger commitments. The group did this in order to further pursue its value creation strategy, which relies heavily on focussing efforts and recourses on specific investments, and influencing strategy, operations, structures and financing.

The group's current core investments provide the platform for it to pursue its growth strategy and give it a good presence and impact across the agribusiness industry. Zeder will continue to actively look at adding specific investments to its portfolio in strategic and sizable businesses, with proven track records and sound leadership.

Africa is an exciting place to be investing in the agribusiness industry and, despite the challenges of the region, represents an abundant opportunity to create value in the future. The group's core strategy remains consistent – to identify areas of potential, invest its resources in support of that potential, and finally to work with management to grow those investments into profitable and sustainable enterprises. This is how Zeder creates value.

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