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Hi, I'm Andy

Im the CEO at Sapling and write about the technology space on the ASX (Linkedin).

Who am I?

I grew up in Sydney and joined Macquarie Capital in 2010 to help tech, media and telecommunication companies raise capital and buy other companies.

In 2015, I moved to the US and dived deep into technology as an operator at Credible Labs as their Chief of Staff before it was listed on the ASX.

In 2017, I founded a HR technology company named Sapling. We raised some money from angels, US venture capital firms and Google before being acquired in 2020.

Through the years, Ive also been lucky enough to help and invest in other software companies to find product-market-fit, scale operations and work through all the heart-brakes that come from building a successful business.

I love the ability of software and technology to transform markets, and having seen this evolve over the last decade in Australian and the US - I wanted to share what Ive learned in the context of the growing technology market on the ASX.

The Mopoke Cloud Index

Since 2018, the technology sector on the ASX has expanded to over 250 companies and approximately $200bn of market capitalization, now comprising almost 10% of the entire index.

Many of these companies provide ample opportunities for investors to find winning investments - but where should you be looking?

The Mopoke Cloud Index is ~90 emerging leaders from the 250 all-tech index on the ASX. The index track companies that we believe have the most exciting futures and best investment opportunities.

Whats a Mopoke?

The Mopoke (Mo-poke) is a species of owl native to mainland Australia.

Owls represent wisdom, knowledge and transformation - Ill be forever trying to find the first two, and enjoy seeing technology transform industries.


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